First Single Sign On between MRDM and hospital implemented!

Usernames, passwords and multi-factor authentications (MFA); we use them every day. We set bookmarks in our browsers, add passwords to a vault and have an authenticator app on our phone.

However, some of our users might not be as familiar with these security measures and handy shortcuts. They search for the links to our products somewhere in the depths of the email archive, write a password on a sticky note and just try their luck with the MFA.

User-friendly login

To tackle this problem, the first Single Sign On connection has been set up between the MRDM products and a hospital, Zuyderland Medical Center.

With this SSO, users no longer have to use their MRDM password or MFA, but only need to type in their own email address. This ensures a much easier way of logging into our products.

By using this SSO, it has become even easier for Zuyderland to start an improvement cycle based on quality indicators. For Zuyderland, this cycle is a high priority item, like being data driven. With this, Zuyderland facilitates its employees in extracting the maximum value from the available information. This information can now be easily extracted both from our internal and from the Codman dashboards. 

Karel Hulsewé , surgeon in Zuyderland 

This does not only result in a more frequent use of our products, and therefore more insights into the quality of care of Zuyderland MC, but it also saves the precious time of physicians, that can now be spent on patient care or well-deserved family time.

Want to set up a SSO between your healthcare organisation and the MRDM products?
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