Our custom-built platform makes it easy for healthcare providers worldwide to collect, process and analyse their outcomes data, and deploy those findings towards better healthcare.

What would you like to achieve?
  • Auditing
  • Benchmarking
  • Research

Set up an (inter)national registry to evaluate and improve healthcare throughout an entire system or network


Simple data collection through automation, adopting international standards and smart reuse of central data sources

  • Batch upload, FHIR API and manual data entry
  • Local extraction support & EHR integration


Smart algorithms transform data into relevant information

  • Automated data verification
  • Option to develop and apply your own analytics to calculate uniform outcome scores


Insight into overall registry performance

  • Identify outliers & best practices Improve system performance by sharing learnings around specific therapeutic areas
  • Self-manage authorisations to share information with third parties for consulting or research purposes

Learn & improve by benchmarking all outcomes against your peers, nationally and internationally


Simple collection of clinical, PROM and PREM data thanks to automation and adoption of international standards

  • Batch upload, FHIR API and manual data entry
  • EHR integration
  • Real-time data validation & signaling
  • PROM and PREM collection tools


Smart algorithms transform data into relevant information

  • Scalable (inter)national benchmarking analytics
  • Apply risk adjustment
  • Combine data sources to enrich your data


Near real-time performance monitoring to yield relevant insight and drive action

  • Sophisticated trend & highlight analyses
  • Option to connect directly with your peers to learn & improve
  • Facilitate shared decision-making

Perform multi-centre research, use real-world data, drive improvement through knowledge sharing


Collect data across institutions with low administrative burden

  • Design your own study, reusing existing registries
  • Provide eCRF, batch upload and FHIR API to participants
  • Real-time data validation & signalling


Transform data into a single research set, applying anonymisation or pseudonymisation as needed

  • Additonal validation by researcher
  • Apply data-cleaning analytics
  • Manage consent


High-quality, integrated dataset available for research, and made available for reuse

  • Applying FAIR-data principles
  • Data minimalisation
  • Authorised distribution

Simplify your data collection with FHIR

  • Create an accessible and standard format for information bundles
  • Comply with international data exchange standards
  • Implement and reuse easily
  • Enable high-frequency data uploads, for near real-time performance monitoring that yields relevant insights and drives action

Secure storing and sharing data with Personal Health Train

  • Improve privacy for both patients and healthcare providers
  • Self-manage: you decide who can access the data
  • Stimulate the reuse of existing data and infrastructure for other purposes

Drive improvements with our interactive reporting platform

  • Compare your performance to benchmarks to understand your strengths and improvement areas
  • Monitor your performance over time, and witness the impact of change
  • Apply smart filters and spot the underlying trends


Easily add new disease groups and reporting modules, or adapt your data model. You control the content of the solutions we proved.


We make it easy for you to upload and distribute your data. We use automated, user-friendly online solutions.


Participants remain fully in control of their data. You tell us how we should use it.


Medical Data is privacy sensitive and needs to be handled with care. We comply with GDPR and are HIPAA & ISO27001 certified.